Monday, April 4, 2011

Thoughts on Psalm 46:10

Bible Reading: Psalm 46

Focus Verse: Psalm 46:10


Read Psalm 46 in your own Bible. Then, take a look at least one other version, but preferably several versions.


Now, let’s look at Psalm 46:10.


Be still…



Be silent…

…and know that He is God.

Know—without fail and without doubt.

Desist and stop moving, be still, be silent, and know that He is God.

God. The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. The Author and finisher of our faith.


Psalm 46 talks about a crazy time.

Verse 1 refers to times of trouble.

Verse 6 highlights those troubles and tells us what they were.

God is so powerful that He can stop war (see verse 9). A war is something mighty, powerful, and always moving and changing. God is so powerful that He can stop a war… But not any war. All of them. War is plural in Psalm 46:9.

When at war, stop and be silent. Then know without fail that He is God.


Life is war in many ways.

Through the busyness and challenges of life, we need to stop… Be still and silent… And know that He is God.

Be still… Stop… Think of and know God through it all.


~ Stacy Duplease

Remembering Your Present, LLC and pj4life (Prayer Journaling for Life)

Author of Biblical Fiction, Bible Studies, and Devotionals







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